Honors College Booklet

Second term at Imagewest, as I had just been promoted to Lead Graphic Designer, the WKU Honors College came to the agency looking for a promotional booklet to advertise their college to high school seniors. They wanted something visually striking and photo-centric, while also conveying many pages of information clearly.

My role in this project consisted of managing two graphic designers who were the initial sources for typography/color choices, layout design, and original illustrations. These two designers would work together, come to me for critiquing, and together we would whittle their ideas down to what was best for the client. I was able to be heavily involved in copy editing, paper selection and preparation for offset press printing, layout editing and design, and vectorizing artwork (including the gorgeous cover piece, hand-drawn by Chounsee Chear.) The client adored their new booklet, and relayed to us how much the students they gave them out to enjoyed them.