Friends of Mammoth Cave Promotionals

Second term at Imagewest, acting as Lead Graphic Designer, the Friends of Mammoth Cave approached Imagewest about creating pieces for a local gas station that had agreed to let them advertise there, pro bono. The organization, which the agency nicknamed "MACA" (for MA-mmoth CA-ve), is a volunteer group dedicated to preserving the trails and activities around Mammoth Cave. Imagewest's task was to create decals to stick on the gas pumps, posters for the front door, and table-tents for the small restaurant inside the gas station.

My concept was to play off the location and use "fuel" and the gas gauge visual to correlate donations with encouraging discovery, adventure, memories, and education. Besides designing each piece, I was able to dabble in copywriting with the poster. "There are memories to be made, breakthroughs to discover, trails to blaze, and history to uncover," is original copywriting that's featured on the poster and the back of each table tent. It's then accompanied by the organization's contact information and a request to donate $1 or more at the register.