Safe Sleep Campaign

Through my position as Junior Art Director at Imagewest agency, I was able to art direct a year-long campaign for the Kentucky Department for Public Health. Safe Sleep's aim was to reduce preventable infant mortality by using safe, pediatrician-approved practices and products.

My role included idea creation and art direction of digital ads, Wordpress-child-theme management and editing, creation of social media graphics, and downloadable interactive PDF guides for parents and other caretakers. Here you can see Safe Sleep's website, Facebook, and Twitter page.

This was a truly unique campaign experience for me. Before Safe Sleep, I'd never experienced the campaign process in its entirety. The Kentucky Department for Public Health just came to Imagewest with a goal: increase awareness about preventable infant death. After that, it was all up to us. I was able to be part of the process from handing out surveys at the Kentucky State Fair, to fixing the Wordpress site when it crashed, to working alongside media buyers to create targeted Facebook ads. This is the most I've ever been involved in the campaign process as a whole, and it taught me so much about client relations, how extensive and interconnected a campaign should be, and just how difficult it is to get an idea for an ad out of your head and onto the timelines of your target market!